Art and Design Living Learning Community


In the Art and Design Living Learning Community (A+D LLC), we discover how to be a successful artist and/or designer and student, connect directly with faculty, and explore the disciplines and resources of the school from dark rooms and weaving looms to a wood shop and 3D printers. We investigate each of the school’s programs including animation/interactive design, art education, art history, ceramics, cinematic arts and media production (film), graphic design, illustration, metal design (jewelry), painting, photography, printmaking sculpture, and textile design.

Starting in the Fall of 2022, the A+D LLC will have a Community Art Focus with the goal of connecting ECU freshmen to the Greenville and Pitt County Art Community. This class will be held in the Emerge Gallery in uptown Greenville which is located close to campus. In the fall COAD 1000 section, students will visit the emerge gallery to begin learning about Art in the community. In the spring, students will take ART 4000 Community Arts Management. “This course will introduce students to the arts community in Greenville and Pitt County, as well as touch on arts advocacy, arts promotion, arts outreach and accessibility, possibilities of professional careers in the arts, and will show students the impact of the arts in their community and beyond. Basic arts management skills will be introduced with a strong emphasis on community engagement.” – course instructor, Holly Garriott.

We have fun! Our programming is meant to foster community and prepare students for future art careers. Each year we host several art workshops, an LLC art exhibition, and field trips.

“I have sincerely enjoyed being a part of the Art+ Design LLC in Garrett Hall. The proximity from Jenkins is wonderful. You can leave five minutess before class and still get there on time. The friends and community I have made have been everlasting and very beneficial. The programs I participated in have been valuable, too! I got to take part in “sneak peeks” of what upper level classes would be doing and got to learn more of what each concentration does. I have truly cherished being in the Art+ Design Living and Learning community, and I would do it 10 times over if I could do it again!” – Shayla Simons


  • Residence Hall: Garrett Hall
  • Number of Residents: 30-40
  • Related Major: Yes, BFA in Art and Design – AU Intended Concentrations
  • Returning Student Experience: Yes
  • Roommate Pairing? Roommate in LLC Required


  • Fall: COAD 1000
  • Spring: ART 4000

Note: ART 1011, 1012, 1013, 1014/1020 are required courses for all freshmen in the School of Art and Design. Our students will take these courses as part of their degree requirements, but they may not be in the same section of the course as other students in the LLC.