Off-Campus Student Services

You have stayed with Campus Living for quite awhile and have made friends and memories for a lifetime! You’re an upperclassmen now and just like any pirate, you want to set sail under your own flag and live off-campus. That is a major step! You may be wondering… “How do I begin to move off-campus?” “What are the city rules and regulations in the area I am interested in?” “What are my responsibilities as a community member?” “How can I be academically successful during the transition?” We understand. It can be a lot to think about. To help you, Campus Living is proud to offer the guidance of Off-Campus Student Services! The services this office provides will be just what is needed for your continued success.

How We Help You.

Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) is here to provide support for students who live independently from their family in student apartment communities and conventional apartments within close proximity of campus. We provide services and programs to support the University’s goal of achieving an environment that encourages and promotes educational excellence, ensures students become good citizens while keeping them connected to the university. We help you to be successful!

Students that live off-campus are both critical and important members of the university community.  Our office recognizes the responsibility of creating learning environments that challenge students to learn and develop holistically. We also understand that the primary responsibility for internalizing and creating change rests on the students’ development and their ability to make responsible choices. We offer this support for individual growth and learning through a variety of programs, community collaborations, and student resources.  

For more information about our services, please click the following link: OCSS.