Contracts, Forms & Appeals

Campus Living Contracts and Forms

The Campus Living Contract is a binding contract for the Academic Year (August through May). There are serious penalties for canceling the contract after specific deadlines. Students should review the Campus Living Contract before canceling their contract or submitting an appeal. All residents are encouraged to read the Resident Handbook in addition to reading and understanding your Campus Living Contract.


It is highly recommended that students do not sign a lease with an off-campus housing property until they have received a final appeal decision.

Campus Living Contract Appeals

The Campus Living Contract has specific penalties for cancelling (and remaining enrolled at ECU) after specific dates, please review information about making the decision to cancel. All appeals for contract cancellations and buyout fees should be submitted to The appeal must come from the student and should contain detailed information regarding the circumstances for their appeal request. Supporting information may be submitted from other entities as well. In the case of financial hardships, a detailed plan will need to be submitted explaining how being released from the contract will benefit the student. Cancellation after June 1 will result in Charge of a $100 penalty and a payment of a prorated amount of the Room Rate for each day the room was occupied (if any), plus fifty percent (50%) of the remaining balance due under the Contract after this prorated amount is paid.

You may petition the Campus Living Appeals Committee (CLAC) for an exception to the above fee structure on the grounds of financial exigency, or family or medical emergency. If a you are approved for an exception to the normal cancellation fee structure by the CLAC, you will be required to pay the pro-rated amount of the Room Rate for the time the room was occupied plus the lesser of $750 or if lower fifty percent (50%) of the remaining balance due under the contract after the prorated amount due for each day of occupancy is paid. Please reference the Campus Living Contract (above) for more details.

Exemption from the Freshman/First-Year Residency Requirement

Freshmen (defined as students who have compiled fewer than 24 hours of college credit and does not include early college programs) and first-year students are required to live in college housing for at least two semesters. Exempted from this policy are students who have reached their 21st birthday prior to the first day of classes; veterans of at least two years’ active military service; married students; students who commute to school daily from their permanent, legal residence of their parents (within a 35-mile radius of campus); and students who have resided in residence halls for two semesters, excluding summers. In order to be considered for a housing exemption, a student must follow the steps below.

  • Read and Complete an Exemption Application –  Live On Requirement Exemption
  • Send the completed application and any supporting documentation to the Office of Campus Living and Dining Services or Supporting documents may include: your marriage license, copy of military orders or DD214, child’s birth certificate, medical documentation, and notarized statement from parents and other letters as appropriate.
  • Exception forms from the Freshman/First-Year Residency Policy are accepted before students sign a Campus Living Contract. A freshman/first-year student with a current housing contact under normal circumstances would NOT be granted an exception from the residency policy. However, the cancellation terms of the contract would apply if an exception was granted. Please contact housingfeeappeals@ecu.eduwith questions about a freshman/first-year appeal, after signing a housing contract.

Lock Change Appeals

All appeals for fees related to lost keys and or fobs and associated lock changes should be submitted to Please include detailed information regarding the circumstances of your appeal.

Damage Fee Appeals

All appeals for room damage charges should be submitted to The University will assess damage charges for unauthorized use of and alterations to rooms, furnishings, equipment, buildings and for special cleaning necessitated by improper care of rooms and equipment. Charges may also be made for damages and excessive cleaning to public areas. All residents of a corridor, section, or hall will be held responsible for equal portions of the total damage/excessive cleaning charges when a specific student or students cannot be identified as responsible. Cleaning and damage charges will be billed to the responsible student(s).

Conduct Appeals

Conduct appeals and inquiries to conduct related student account holds should contact the Campus Living Conduct Office at 252-328-4931.

Housing Accommodations Based on Disabilities

Students requesting accommodation for a disability should contact the ECU Department for Disability Support Services