Drop Off and Move-In 2024

NOTE: This is a general schedule and information. Students enrolled in Living Learning Communities and other programs which require early move-in should follow the instructions and schedule they receive via email from their program.

We offer two Come-to-Campus Options; DROP-OFF and MOVE-IN.

Optional DROP-OFF

Students may choose to participate in Drop-Off between August 1st – 3rd where you can bring your belongings, set up your room for Fall, and return home until classes start. Drop-Off is optional and not a requirement. Students who elect not to participate in Drop-Off should plan to participate in their assigned primary Move-In window.

The Drop-Off option is NOT available for College Hill Suites; this hall is being used for camps and conferences through early August.

If you need to be on campus on the 14th or 15th for any reason, the Drop-Off option is not for you. Please use your primary Move-In window.

We encourage students and families that are able, to consider the Drop-Off option, allowing the Move-In period to be more manageable for Out-of-State students and others that are not able to drop off belongings in advance.

Students who wish to take advantage of Drop-Off will need to use the link included in their assignment email to sign-up for one, 2-hour time slot for your assigned Hall. Please keep this 2-hour limit in mind as you consider which day/time slot will best fit your schedule.

Return to Campus for Classes, for those Who Used the Drop-Off Option

Students who utilize the Drop-Off option will return to campus Friday, August 16th after 2 pm, or any time on Saturday, and Sunday – August 17th and 18th. You do NOT need to check in at Minges Coliseum upon your return if you already have your room key from Drop-Off. Returning during this window is not to be another move-in period so please make sure you maximize your Drop-Off opportunity. The Drop-Off option is for you to set up your room before classes.

If you need to be on campus on the 14th or 15th for any reason, the Drop-Off option is not for you. Please use your assigned primary Move-In window. ECU’s Pirate Experience signature events to welcome students to ECU begin on Friday evening.

When you return after 2pm, Friday, August 16th:

  • You will be able to unload in the designated areas in the vicinity of your residence hall, then park in remote lots and use ECU Transit or walk to your residence hall. You will be able to utilize your assigned parking locations beginning on Sunday. You will receive additional instructions in your ECU email a few days before this Return to Campus for Classes period begins.
  • Students are encouraged to consider arriving at non-peak times: early mornings, or early evening- avoiding afternoons as much possible.


You will be assigned a Move-In date and time frame between Wednesday, August 14 – Friday, August 16.

Your designated Move-In date and time will be determined by your Residence Hall and in some cases your specific floor. Please utilize links below for each Residence Hall’s Move-In information. These designated dates and times are established to limit wait times, maximize parking and elevator use (if applicable), and optimize volunteer support.

You may arrive any time AFTER your designated window for Move-In. Arriving prior to your designated date and time will result in an early check-in charge billed to the student account. Move-in support and parking may also be limited.

Primary Move-In @ Minges Coliseum “Hall of Fame”

At Minges Coliseum: Students check in and get their key. They are given a Move-In vehicle pass for each vehicle, THEN vehicles will move to their Residence Hall Move-In queue, located in front of Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium.  Queued vehicles will be sent to your Move-In area near your Residence Hall when parking spaces are open. Please do not go directly to your Hall without lining up your cars for a brief wait. As soon as your unload your vehicle(s), move them to the remote parking areas.  There are directions on the back of your Move-In vehicle pass.  

After Hours & Weekend Move-In @ Neighborhood Services Offices

If you cannot move-in during your designated date and time, please utilize the after-hours and weekend options below.

  • Wednesday, 7pm – 10pm
  • Thursday, 7pm – 10pm
  • Friday, 7 pm – 10 pm
  • Saturday, 9 am – 10 pm
  • Sunday, 9 am – 10 pm (recommended for returning students only)

Students will check-in for their room key at the Neighborhood Service Office (NSO). For Central/West Residence Halls, use the West End NSO at the West End Dining Hall and for College Hill Halls, use the College Hill NSO at Ballard East.

There may be Limited Parking/Directional Support during these periods