Room Changes

I Have a Vacancy in My Room

Please check your ECU email for a message from the Neighborhood Service Office (NSO) about your room entering our Open Room Change Process. When a room is in the Open Room Change Process, any student eligible to live in your room can apply to move into the vacancy in your room. You will not be able to approve or reject this change. The Neighborhood Service Office (NSO) will always attempt to notify you of a new student moving into your space, but the timing between being notified and the new roommate moving in may be tight.

If you have a current vacancy in your room, please note you may get a roommate at any time. So, please keep your room prepared for a new roommate by leaving half the room cleared (closet space, dresser, desk, bed).

I Want to Change Rooms

Both NSOs (College Hill NSO and Central West NSO) will begin the room change process beginning early in the semester (generally the seventh day of classes). Room change requests must be made in person; only the student(s) moving needs to come in.

If you are interested in changing rooms, please visit the Neighborhood Service Office (NSO) of the hall or neighborhood (College Hill, Central, or West End) to which you would like to move. Room changes can be started from 9am-3pm on weekdays.

If you are looking to make a room change, but do not find an option that works for you, please check back in a few days or check with friends and/or your social media outlets about room openings. Room changes create new open spaces in the system once the change is complete.

I Want to Swap Rooms

If you are making a room swap, there is no need to visit the Neighborhood Service Office first thing in the morning, but you should visit on the day you move. Also, be sure to have the appropriate paperwork completed before visiting the NSO.

Important Notes
  • Any cost differences in room type you move to or from are prorated based on the day you move and return your keys. The cost difference will be billed to your student account. Please note any cost differences before you plan your move.  Rates can be seen on each Neighborhood Link on this page:
  • Room changes may be restricted for Living Learning Communities such as Ballard East or West Halls, Greene Hall, or Jarvis Hall. College Hill Suites is not available for first semester ECU students.