Explore with Transit

You are new to campus and will need some help getting back-and-forth to class and around Greenville. To help, Campus Living is honored to host ECU Transit. Transit is the best way for new Pirates to explore your new surroundings. Our system is oriented around the university, with the vast majority of our ridership being students going to or from class. Start by familiarizing yourself with our routes; this will help you get acquainted not only with our system, but different areas of town as well.

Transit – Our Services

ECU Transit offers a wide variety of travel options on a comprehensive system which provides more than 2.5 million rides each year with service both on and off campus. Throughout the academic year and both summer sessions, buses operate on several fixed routes which circulate around main campus and connect to outlying areas, such as the health sciences campus and commuter park-and-ride lots. Service is also provided to off-campus housing and several shopping, dining and entertainment areas around Greenville. Additionally, a point-to-point, Transit On-Demand van service works in conjunction with the bus system to help ensure safe connections to evening routes, as well as safe travel around campus and adjacent areas at night after most regular daytime service has ended.

Accessible Vehicle Features

All vehicles in the ECU Transit fleet have features designed to aid passengers with disabilities, including those with wheelchairs or other mobility devices. These features may vary from one type of vehicle to another but typically include several of the items described here. When Transit says that they serve ALL Pirates, they proudly wear that honor!

How Do I Learn More?

We know you have many questions about bus routes, route times, schedules and more. Please click here to go to the Transit webpage and find answers to all of your questions. When you need to get around campus or around town, Transit is here for you.