Spring Semester Closing Notice


Students must vacate residence halls within twenty-four hours of their last scheduled exam or by 10 a.m., Friday, May 3, whichever is earliest. If you are involved in commencement, you may stay until 10 a.m., Saturday, May 4; however, YOU MUST contact your Neighborhood Service Office (NSO) to be added to the Late Departures List- 252-328-4022 if you live on Central or West; 252-328-4044 if you live on College Hill. 24-Hour Quiet Hours start Tuesday, April 23 at 8 p.m. and go until we close on Friday, May 3 at 10 a.m. Room changes end on April 23.

Quick Checkout List

Please read through all the information on this website for detailed processes and expectations for moving out of the residence halls. You are responsible for this information to ensure a proper checkout. For your convenience, here is a quick checkout list to utilize as you prepare to leave your assigned space.

  • Attend RAs Closing meeting.
  • Remove your belongings; double-check drawers and closets.
  • Take out your garbage to trash rooms or dumpsters.
  • Remove items from fridge.
  • Clean, but do not defrost your fridge.
  • Wipe down furniture.
  • Sweep or vacuum floors.
  • Remove posters, tape, thumbtacks, etc. from walls. (see detailed info below regarding command strips)
  • Close and lock windows.
  • Leave A/C units set to low fan and 74 degrees/medium cool.
  • Suite bathrooms and common areas: remove belongings and clean.
  • Please turn in your keys/fob to your NSO.

Detailed Checkout Procedures

Check with your RA and attend your closing floor meeting for the most accurate closing information for your hall.

You may choose how you wish to checkout. If you would like your RA to be present for your initial inspection, schedule at least twenty-four hours in advance. RAs will have an appointment calendar posted on their room door. Personal items must be out of your room upon inspection. The RA and you will inspect the room to discuss the condition of the room to determine what was pre-existing and what damage may be your responsibility- final charges will be billed when both residents are out of the room. IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE INSPECTION, YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR KEYS AND FOB TO THE NSO, NOT THE COORDINATOR OR RA. To ensure proper billing for damages, each resident should sign up with the RA.

Express Checkout is also an option.  If you choose express checkout, it’s your responsibility to obtain an envelope when you checkout at the NSO and return your keys.  A hall staff will inspect your room after departure, and you’ll be financially responsible for any missing or damaged items, cleaning, or unreturned keys.  Failure to do this will result in a $25 charge for improper checkout, $140 for a room/suite lock change, and $35 for fobs.  Do not take your keys home with you!

With either – the final review for damages is when BOTH residents’ possessions are gone, and the room is reviewed.  Any review by hall staff is an initial review- and charges may still apply for either or both roommates.

Neighborhood Service Offices (NSO) Hours and Mail Delivery

  • Saturday, April 27: 9am-12am
  • April 28: 9am-10pm
  • Monday, April 29 – Thursday, May 2:  8am-10pm
  • Friday, May 3:  8am-5pm
  • Saturday, May 4: 8am-2pm
  • Sunday, May 5: CLOSED

After Hours Key Drop Off

We are offering an after-hours key drop option at both NSOs. The locations will be in the Ballard Sounds (across from the College Hill NSO) and the West End Dining Hall next to the Central West NSO during these hours:

  • April 24: 10pm-12am
  • April 25:6am-8am, 10pm-12am
  • April 26:6am-8am
  • April 27:6am-Noon
  • April 28: 6am-Noon, 10pm-12am
  • April 29-May 2:6am-8am, 10pm-12am
  • May 3: 6am-8am, 8pm-12am
  • May 4: 6am-9am

Mail Delivery for Residents

Final mail delivery to the NSOs will be on Friday, May 5. Students who want mail forwarded complete the Change of Address form online at usps.com (the NSO will NOT forward any mail). You can update your campus address on the PiratePort. All mail remaining on May 6 will be returned to sender.


All furniture must be assembled and left in the original check in condition at checkout.  Unassembled furniture will result in a $25 charge to occupants. If you have a rented loft – you may leave your bed lofted. College Products will pick up lofts after students leave for break. Do not move your loft into the hallway or other public areas. Questions about loft return can be made to https://www.collegeproducts.com/.


Remove food and clean the inside of the fridge. If the unit is off or unplugged, leave the refrigerator door open. Charges for uncleaned and Microwave are $30 each.

Cleaning Requirements

If you are leaving before suitemates/roommates, coordinate cleaning efforts before you go. Cleaning/damage charges are split between suitemates/roommates. Drop off any usable items you no longer want/need to the Give and Go boxes in the lobby of your hall. We are collecting non-perishable food items in the lobby as well. To avoid a cleaning charge after checkout, please observe the following:


  • Empty, clean closets and drawers. ECU is not responsible for items left behind.
  • Place furniture in its original location.
  • Wipe desks with wet cloths; use rubbing alcohol to remove ink.
  • Microwave-Refrigerators (See above)


  • Mop and/or sweep the floor or vacuum carpets (you can borrow vacuums from the NSO- but plan ahead). Do not sweep anything into hallways.
  • Remove ALL trash from the room.


  • Remove posters, nails, tape, stickers, or other adhesives. Clean wall marks.
  • We strongly suggest leaving command strips up and having our facilities team handle safe removal that does not damage the walls. Improper strip removal by students can lead to wall damage and, in turn, charges.


Remove posters, staples, and tape on the door or bulletin board outside your room.


  • Close and lock the window(s).
  • Remove any stickers from the windows.
  • Be sure screens are in place.
  • Open shades or blinds.

Hallways and Breezeways

Don’t leave belongings in hallways, suite areas, or breezeways. Take trash to the dumpster. Hallway trash will be billed to students’ responsible or the floor/hall.

Suite Bathrooms

  • Remove all personal belongings and trash.
  • Turn off all faucets and showers.
  • Clean bathroom to move-in condition (Scott, Ballard suites & CHS Only)

College Hill Suites, Ballard East and West (suite rooms) and Scott Hall Residents

Suite common areas are the responsibility of the entire suite. If you are leaving before suitemates, coordinate cleaning efforts of shared areas before you go. Place furniture in the location found at check-in.

In All Residence Halls

Turn lights off when checking out & please turn AC units on to low fan and 74 degrees or medium cool. Do not turn the AC unit off.

Safety and Security

  • Room and suite doors should always remain locked.
  • Items packed should not be unattended.  Don’t pack belongings in your car and leave them overnight.  Car break-ins are a particular problem this time of year.
  • Keep an eye on small electronics, laptops, and other small valuable items.
  • Be mindful of people attempting to enter your hall without a key or escort- do not let people “tailgate.”  Don’t assume anyone may access halls.
  • Report suspicious behavior/people to the ECU Police at 252-328-6787.


Bicycles should be taken home. If you plan to keep your bike on campus for summer school or forgot your bike and plan to pick it up, email parking@ecu.edu to prevent removal. Bikes should be registered using police.ecu.edu/bicycle-registration/

Campus Dining

  • Todd & West End Dining Hall close on Friday, May 3, after breakfast.
  • Summer hours for retail locations are found at dining.ecu.edu

HAVE A SAFE SUMMER VACATION! Good luck with your exams! If you still need summer housing, contact us at 253-328-4663. There are still spaces available!