Chemistry/Physics Living Learning Community


The Chemistry and Physics Living Learning Community (CAPs LLC) aims to improve retention and success rates among intended and declared majors in both disciplines. The interdisciplinary nature of the CAPs LLC is designed to encourage cross disciplinary learning between physicists and chemists by providing a strong community of support within the structure of a much larger university.

Our goals are to provide students with opportunities to interact with faculty and majors in their disciplines in inviting formal and informal environments, learn about different careers and opportunities through programming and field trips. The LLC also aims to provide students with additional support as they adjust to the college environment, both in and outside the classroom.

“The Living Learning Community gave me the opportunity to grow and learn with who at first were strangers, and we pursed some of the similar dreams and goals. Together, these strangers became my closest friends by studying and interacting with them in the class and outside of class. I highly recommend taking part in the Living Learning Communities because it allows you to build direct relationships with your advisor and form close bonds with other students. You can get advice and tips about classes and be updated about campus living events.” – Franklin Xiong


  • Residence Hall: Ballard Hall
  • Number of Residents: 12-18
  • Application can be obtained by emailing Dr. Jason Pajski at
  • Contact Information: Jason Pajski | | 252-328-9766
    • Related Major: Yes
    • Returning Student Experience: Yes
    • Roommate Pairing? Roommate in LLC Required


    • CHEM 1150, 1151, 1160, 1161