InclusivECU Living Learning Community

InclusivECU at Brunch

The goal of InclusivECU is to create a supportive community for LGBTQ+ students and allies so they can be personally and academically successful. Students develop community by living with peers with similar interests and experiences, taking classes together, and participating in LLC programs approximately twice a month. As one of the only living learning communities of its kind in North Carolina, we are dedicated to making sure everyone has a safe and encouraging community on campus.

Members of InclusivECU students take classes in Sociology and Human Development and Family Science Departments to gain a better understanding of the world around us. While Inclusive is affiliated with these departments, it is open to all majors, identities, and years.

Sample programs include game nights, drag brunch, museum exhibit visits, & attending Transgender Day of Remembrance

“Being a part of InclusivECU has been the best on-campus experience I’ve had. It has allowed me to find a group of people who actually accept me and make the greatest friends I’ve ever had!” – Onyx Bradley, sophomore

InclusivECU is a lot of fun. I’ve made a lot of friends because of it, and gotten to be around so many interesting people.” – Bones Bunner, sophomore

If you are just looking for a safe housing option without the other components of an LLC, there is a form you can use to find a suitable housing assignment—The Special Housing Consideration: Gender identity & Expression form.


  • Residence Hall: Ballard Hall
  • Number of Residents: 24
  • Related Major: No
  • Returning Student Experience: Yes
  • Roommate Pairing? Within the LLC


  • Fall: Individual, Family, and Romantic Relationships (HDFS 1103)
  • Spring: Race, Gender, Class (SOCI 1010)