Return to Campus Living 2024

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Time is coming up to think about housing for the 2024-2025 Academic Year.
Campus Living encourages students to consider all the options, including returning to live on campus.  Living in the heart of the Pirate Nation is convenient and keeps you in the middle of campus life.

College Hill Suites

College Hill Suites Residence Hall

College Hill Suites is a popular option – with double rooms with private bathrooms, living area, and kitchenette. More info: review the Return Housing Process and reach out to Campus Living at with any questions.


2024-2025 Return Housing Process

This is the process for returning students living on campus. If you are a current ECU student not living on campus, but want to move back onto campus next year, please call Campus Living at 252-328-4663 or email Spaces for retuning students are limited, so we encourage students to sign up during the online contracting dates.

Returning to live on campus is a two-part process:

  • Part 1 – you will sign a housing contract online.
  • Part 2 – you will select a room/hall on campus (see below) or have Campus Living assign your room/hall.


Online Contracting Dates:

February 1 (Starting 9 am) – February 11th (ending at 11:59 pm) – submitting a contract during this time is a guarantee of a space in on-campus housing for next year.

  • After this time, the contract may not be available, and students may be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list does not a guarantee that you will receive on-campus housing for next year.
  • To sign a 2024-2025 Academic Year Contract, students must submit a housing contract through PiratePort and pay a $100 Advanced Room Fee with a credit card.  The $100 goes towards your Spring Semester 2024 housing fees unless you cancel your contract.
  • When you submit your housing contract, you will also be able to select and confirm a roommate, if desired. Your requested roommate must also confirm and sign a contract by February 11th to ensure your placement together.
  • To be eligible to select your own housing assignment for 2024-2025, you must submit your housing contract by February 11th.
  • Some students in Living Learning Programs MAY receive special instructions about their room selection process, please check your email.
  • If your current room is available for returning students for 2024-2025, you may select the option to be placed back in your same room for 2024-2025. Select this option when you complete your contract. You will not need to select a room later.

Online Room/Hall Selection Dates for Students Who Have Contracted (9 AM – 11:59 PM Each Day):

  • Starting February 14 at 9am and ending February 15 at 11:59pm: Same hall, different room selection for CURRENT residents of Scott and College Hill Suites
  • Starting February 16 at 9am and ending February 29 (Ends 11:59pm):   Open Room Selection for students who wish to select their hall and room for next year, in the following halls: College Hill Suites, Fleming, Jarvis (female only), Scott, Tyler (select floors), and White. We will also be allowing selection of a limited number of single rooms in Cotten, Garrett, Jones, and Legacy Halls.

Roommate Selection:  If you have a mutually requested roommate, only one student participates in the selection process. You must check the box next to their name when you select a room, and then they will automatically be placed in the room you selected. However, if you later switch to a different room/hall, your requested roommate will not be moved with you. Therefore, students should communicate with their requested roommate throughout the room selection period. If you plan to select roommates for a suite in Scott Hall, you may select one roommate and select a room. If you would like to sign up for both rooms in a suite, students should select their roommate and coordinate the selection of a suite with desired suitemates at the same room selection time.

Have an Incoming Student Roommate?  To prevent space being selected by other students:

  • Students who wish to have an incoming student as a roommate must contact Campus Living at by February 13 at 5pm to request a hold bed space for the incoming requested roommate.  Please make sure you have the following information when you email Campus Living:  Banner ID, Name, and birth date.

No Room Selection:  Students who submit a housing contract and DO NOT select a specific room will have their room chosen by Campus Living later in the year. Students Living on Campus Currently and other Returning Students – will be assigned before the new incoming class.

Singles or Specialty Rooms: We will publish a list of Singles and Specialty Rooms before the start of room selection. Single rooms may be requested when you contract. Requesting a single room does not guarantee placement in a single or specialty room. Students have an opportunity to select a single room during room selection. We plan to offer a similar number of singles planned for 2024-2025 as this year but expect most spaces to be double rooms. If we open additional singles, we will reach out to students who requested a single but did not get one during room selection.

Single and Specialty Rooms 25-25 (PDF)

Not Sure if You Want to Remain on Campus?You can sign up, select a room, and cancel your contract with only the loss of your advanced room fee until May 1, 2024. There are significant penalties for canceling your contract after this time.

I want to live in Ballard Hall, Greene Hall or one of the other Living Learning Communities: Greene Hall and Ballard Hall are reserved for new and returning students in Living Learning Communities- if you are eligible for placement in Greene Hall or Ballard Hall or another hall, you will receive information on how to select a room assignment or how you will be assigned.

Please email with questions.